Salina Oranges and Cinnamon


One of the aromas that perhaps best represents the Christmas atmosphere, a jam whose aromas and scents will accompany every sweet moment of the day. There is no need to add artificial flavours and fragrances when nature is able to give such unique emotions. 


Dalla raccolta sapiente a mano delle arance di Salina, una confettura prodotta con amore e attenzione alle esigenze di tutti. Senza zuccheri aggiunti, senza glutine e senza aromi artificiali.

Data sheet

Oranges (1000 g); Common sugar (300 g); Water (200 g); Lemon peel (15 g)
Once opened, store in the fridge
Additional nutritional information
The product does not contain: GMO, gluten sources, lactose, milk proteins.
Nutritional values for 100g
Energy value 196 Kcal. Fats 0 g of which saturated fatty acids 0 g. Carbohydrates 50 g. Sugars 36 g. Protein 1,3 g. Salt 0,0 g Fruit used per 100 g of product 85%.
Vegan & Gluten free

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